Established in 2004, the Department of Translation and Interpreting evolved from the Department of Practical English. Reputed professors and translators have been enriching and empowering the department ever since its establishment, Wu Lao, He Hading, Shi Meimin, Jiang Baozhong, Miao Hualun, Wang Rongpei, Fang Huawen, to name a few.  Rooted in its rich tradition of English education, the department has developed its guideline of practice, authorship, teaching, and commitment to social needs. Its culture values inclusion, diversity, innovation, and devotion. In 2009 the undergraduate English Translation program was established along with a Master’s program in Translation and Interpreting (MTI), followed by a doctoral program in 2011.

 The current faculty of the department totals 14, including 2 professors (both PhD supervisors), and 5 associate professors. Eight of the faculty have doctoral degrees and 2 are currently on-job doctoral candidates. 90% of its faculty have been overseas for 6-month-plus studies or academic visits in English-speaking countries such as US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Our academic and teaching team is characterized by a well-balanced structure in age, academic ranks and degree, with some holding posts in national and provincial academic societies and sitting on advisory boards of key journals. We have earned awards in provincial teaching competitions and coached students winning major translation and interpreting competitions of at the provincial level and above.

 Our registered students include 100 undergraduates and over 80 graduate students. Our department offers over 20 undergraduate-level courses and around 10 graduate-level courses. The courses are carefully designed to tailor content to the professional needs in translation and interpreting scenarios. These courses are delivered with a focus on crosslinguistic comparison to help students build a solid foundation of knowledge and competence in translation and interpreting. We are dedicated to bringing students’ potentials into full play towards an all-round personal growth

 The department takes pride in its academic excellence in the translation of Chinese classics, UN documents, Chinese cultural and philosophical translation and studies, translation theory and history studies, translation practice studies, translation evaluation, and interpreting studies. Our teachers have received research grants from national (four national projects) and provincial social sciences funds; and produced over ten monographs and textbooks. Our faculty members have published both at home and abroad approximately two hundred  books in translation on Chinese classics, culture, literature, and literary reviews, among which several were on the national Library of Chinese Classics list and some were published by major international publishers like Springer. Dozens of academic papers by our faculty members have appeared in leading journals including Neohelicon, Journal of Foreign Languages, and Chinese Translators Journal.

 With continued passion and dedication, we welcome talented scholars from all around the world.